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Registrations for the Centrifuge protocol token sale have started and live up to May 21st. This is not investment advice and does not constitute any solicitation or endorsement of any investment. Any investment you make is done at your own risk and at your full and absolute discretion. Earlier, Sam Taheri, professional GT and NASCAR pilot, became an advisor and sports representative of Betrium.


Strongly development-focused, the platform as it now presents is a definite step up for the industry. The elegance of the Betrium blockchain applied to online gaming offers a different, better way for users to transact. Faster speeds and a token currency make for a more autonomous and gratifying experience of placing bets, rolling over and withdrawing funds.

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Another great name in Betrium’s Advisor board is Luke MacDonald, a well-known professional gambler with over $1.9 mil turnover, who supports Betrium and part of its Advisory board of the project. The company was also the official sponsor of the TNABC conference, which took place in Miami on 17-19th January, where Max Suvorov, the CEO at Betrium, spoke and presented the project. Luke MacDonald, well-known professional gambler with over $1.9 mil turnover, supported Betrium and entered to Advisory board of the project. The table above shows the number of days which Betrium closed above a certain price level. Betrium LIVE – Betrium launched live broadcasting service for sports and particularly e-sports.

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He holds an engineering degree in Computer Science Engineering and is a passionate economist. He https://cryptominer.services/ his first digital marketing startup when he was a teenager, and worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies along with smaller firms. When he is not solving the transportation problems at his company, he can be found writing about the blockchain or hacking at a Hackathon. Though these challenges result in a bad user-experience, there are still millions of users looking for capitalizing on this growth-oriented market. Event organizers, e-sport streamers, and small sports leagues are also in need of a platform to develop their own betting events. The pre-ICO is scheduled for October 23 to November 14, during which you can buy 6000 BTRM tokens for 1 ETH (a 500% discount over the retail price).

Betrium also aims to create one of the best betting APIs, allowing event promoters – including eSports tournament hosts – to create bets related to their event. Aisshwarya is currently working as the Chief Editor at crypto.news and holds more than 4 years of experience in the digital assets industry. He holds an undergraduate degree in Commerce with Honours and a post-graduate diploma in Liberal Studies.

Betrium doesn’t take commissions from money deposits, withdrawals, or winnings. Overall, this structure allows them to charge lower commissions than other blockchain platforms. In a press release announcing Betrium, however, it lists commissions of “0-1%” on money deposits and international money withdrawals, although no commissions on winnings. Also, the platform’s industry is extremely healthy and growing on an annual basis.

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Casino release – Release of the first set of online games such as Bingo and Keno. For more information on how the funds will be distributed throughout the project or to learn more about the team behind the scenes, please visit Betrium’s website and read their whitepaper. Andrey Rybalchenko particularly has years of experience as a bookmaker and CEO Suvorov, a former iOS engineer, has years of experience in large-scale management systems and business IT automation. This is something addressed by Betrium in their severely capped commission structure.

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Plus, the https://bitcoin-mining.biz/ sector is missing out on the globalizing effects of the digital era by not opening its doors to an international community. “That means, in contrast to competitors, we are able to provide high-speed betting service built on decentralized IT architecture.” The off-chain nature of betting results in faster user speeds. Betrium is also committed to offering odds on every sporting event from around the world, a comprehensive offer that doesn’t curtail gamers’ options. Betrium is seeking to improve users’ experience of online gaming, addressing a number of issues. In addition to being one of the few online betting platforms that accepts and issues cryptocurrency, the Betrium build also allows for withdrawals anywhere in the world.

  • We endeavour to build the world’s leading EV charging crypto payment network by investing in, deploying, and partnering with world-class EV charging solutions worldwide.
  • Registrations for the Centrifuge protocol token sale have started and live up to May 21st.
  • Luke MacDonald, well-known professional gambler with over $1.9 mil turnover, supported Betrium and entered to Advisory board of the project.
  • All have extensive experience in either the gaming or IT industry, with fintech and assorted expertise also among the team.
  • Event organizers, e-sport streamers, and small sports leagues are also in need of a platform to develop their own betting events.
  • We cover BTC news related to bitcoin exchanges, bitcoin mining and price forecasts for various cryptocurrencies.

In addition, the betting industry is lagging in this digital era as it is not accessible to the entire international community. The lack of ready APIs for developers has created a pressing need for extensive coding to make any significant changes in the form of cryptocurrency integration to existing solutions. In a new application of blockchain technology, the Betrium ICO is looking to the lucrative $533 billion global gaming industry for potentially handsome returns. A group of entrepreneurial developers, all graduates from MIT and MIPT, are now offering the first “worldwide betting service” that is partly decentralized. The gambling industry witnesses active participation of millions of users across the world.


Things are set to become much better with the emergence of ICOs, which brings several improvements in this sector. Betrium, the world’s first decentralized betting exchange, has announced the release of its first-party decentralized betting service demo platform both for betting exchanges and bookkeepers. The improvements offered by Betrium are likely to become a new baseline expectation of consumers.

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During this period, the platform will release 630,00,000 BTRM tokens of which the price hinges on the number of tokens issued during the ICO. The shift to a partial decentralization is the key to Betrium’s platform and the resolution of many online gaming issues. Online casinos and gaming portals note significant technical improvement and gamers also typically immediately begin to patronize sleeker sites. Betrium has partnered with VAVEL.com, an international sports media with over 35 million of visits, which became an accredited media of FIFA World Cup 2018.

Secondly, Betrium offers an event platform in association with blockchain technology to broadcast events and sports streams so that users have immediate viewing access to their events. Betrium provides a complete solution to all of these problems by protecting international users from volatility, high commissions, and an open API platform on which to develop. Ideally, interested parties can create betting bots, third-party apps and betting service providers. Developed by MIT & MIPT graduates, Betrium is the partly decentralized worldwide betting exchange and sportsbook that has lowest commissions,… Betrium provides a unique betting creation platform for event organizers, including e-sport streams and small sports leagues. As a “platform for organizers”, Betrium provides specialized solutions to partners – like event organizers – that want to earn money.

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The gambling industry is engaging millions of people across the world, and with the advent of ICOs, a variety of new improvements are also being made. Betrium has recently raced ahead of the pact, however, in releasing the first partly decentralized betting service for both bookkeepers and betting exchanges. Bitcoin news portal providing breaking news, guides, price analysis about decentralized digital money & blockchain technology. One of the reasons Betrium can provide the above benefits is because bets occur off-chain.

In their whitepaper, Betrium are rather modest in approach to both spending and anticipated future earnings. The platform is an extremely well thought out and finely tuned offer from a team with years of experience in the game. The Betrium platform is an undeniable improvement on the average modern gamer’s experience.

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Each owner of a https://currency-trading.org/ Network account can create custom events, then start earning on betting activity in just a few clicks. E-game organizers, or players, can create the match on Betrium, add potential outcomes, and publish it. Betrium provides liquidity for existing crypto-currencies and alt coins market. Particularly, betting exchange allows people to bet with any kind of ERC20 tokens.

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Of the remaining tokens, 20% will be given to Betrium’s founders, management, and employees while 5% will be given to advisors, sports representatives, and e-sports streamers. The goal of Betrium is to capture a slice of the $533 billion international regulated gambling market. There’s also a $1 trillion unregulated gambling market, according to data from Interpol. Daily, weekly, or monthly cryptocurrency performance reports delivered right to your inbox.

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